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A Young Pitcher by Jay Henry Peterson

A Young Pitcher

A wonderful debut for Jay Henry Peterson . This first book in the 3 novel series is a very enjoyable, captivating read, baseball enthusiast or not. Looking forward to the second book.”

George Grant is a 15-year-old farm boy who is struck by lightning while helping his dad with the summer harvest. His dad is killed but George survives with burns on his arms and back. When the burns heal George and his younger brother Roy resume their baseball practices. That fall George is a high school sophomore and his goal is to pitch for the high school baseball team.

George has lingering effects from the lightning strike. When he throws a baseball or when he picks up something heavy he gets tingling sensations from his fingertips to his shoulders. The tingles are never painful. They just feel funny, like he bumped his funny bone. They seem to give him extra strength and he can pick up heavy objects with ease. George discovers he now can pitch with great speed and accuracy. Almost every pitch is a strike.

Another strange affect is he now sees a baseball moving through the air like it is in slow motion. His vision isn’t affected in any other way. He is often checked by doctors. The results are always the same. None of the strange effects show up on the testing devices. George appears to be a healthy teenage boy.

Early in the baseball season the high school coaches and players realize that George has unique talent and he becomes a highly valued member of the team. As the season progresses he plays a critical role in helping the team achieve greater success than anyone thought possible.

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A Hitting Pitcher by Jay Henry Peterson

A Hitting Pitcher

“Jay Henry Peterson’s second novel chronicling George Grant’s high school tragedies and triumphs is as captivating as the first book. Baseball fan or not, this is an engrossing read.”

George Grant is a farm boy who is struck by lightning while helping his dad harvest grain. His dad is killed, but George recovers with lingering effects that cause him to get tingles in his hands and arms whenever he throws a baseball or lifts anything heavy. The tingles make him stronger and give him great speed and accuracy when pitching a baseball. His vision is also affected and he now sees a baseball in flight moving like it is in slow motion.

This second book in the George Grant Series is a continuation of George’s high school years. As a sophomore he led his team to their first state baseball championship. George has outstanding pitching skills and his ability to see the ball moving in slow motion results in him getting a hit every time he bats, unless he gets an intentional walk. He never strikes out. He again leads the team to unprecedented achievements.

He and his brother, Roy, suffer another tragedy as they lose their mother to cancer. Their Grandpa and Grandma Grant become their guardians and help them run the farm, which now belongs to them.

George develops a deep affection for Marcy Caldwell, a classmate who helps him with his studies and who somehow can sense when he has tingles in his hands and arms. George is surprised that Marcy can tell when he has tingles because no one else, not even the doctors, can do that. He also realizes that he gets tingles whenever he’s near Marcy. When George and Marcy graduate from high school they plan to go to college. They also plan to get married. However, the summer after they graduate George learns that things don’t always work out as planned and his dream of becoming a professional baseball player is in jeopardy.

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The Vintage Rookie by Jay Henry Peterson

The Vintage Rookie

I just finished reading Jay Henry Peterson’s three-novel George Grant series, stories about baseball. Soon the Cactus League in Arizona and the Grapefruit League in Florida will be in full swing with this year’s spring training season.”

This the third book in the George Grant Series. It starts 35 years after George graduates from high school. In the summer after George graduates an essential farm worker leaves and George is unable to find a replacement.

George must forego college and give up his dream to play professional baseball. Keeping the farm running is the top priority. His brother Roy is still in high school. It takes more than a year to find a replacement farm worker and by then George and Marcy Caldwell, his high school sweetheart, are married and managing the farm as a successful family business.

Even though George can’t leave the farm, he and Roy continue to practice baseball. As he ages, George’s pitching speed and accuracy improve. He still gets tingles in his hands and arms and he still sees a baseball flying through the air in slow motion.

Finally, when George is 54, he and Marcy, accompanied by Roy and his wife Sally, go to Phoenix for an early spring vacation. It is still winter on the farm but the Cactus League baseball spring training season is in full swing in the Valley of the Sun. They plan to enjoy the warm weather and watch some baseball games.

Unknown to George until he arrives in Phoenix, Roy has arranged for him to give a pitching demonstration to a professional team. The players, managers and owner of the team are impressed with George’s speed and accuracy as a pitcher. When he steps to the plate as a batter, they are even more impressed. The team owner gives George a contract to pitch for his team for the last two weeks of spring training.

When the owner learns that an injury to one of his pitchers will sideline him for the entire season, he signs George to a contract. The result is a baseball season beyond the wildest expectations of the players, coaches and owner.

The Vintage Rookie Available Now


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